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ISDS answering guide

The Commission website only allows you 90 minutes to draft and answer the 13 questions, but no need to worry or haste: you can use this form to read the questions and to draft and save the answers on the consultation. The questions asked in this consultation are quite technical, but can easily be answered.

How to use this answering guide

  1. You can use this form to draft your answer(s) to the questions raised by the Commission.

  2. It is possible to save your answers. In that way, if you accidentally close your browser session or if you want to continue at a more convenient moment, you do not have to start over. By the way, your answers will be saved locally, in your browser, and will not be transmitted to us or to a third party. The answers are purely for your own reference.

  3. Each answer is limited to 4,000 characters by the Commission, therefore we have also restricted the length of the comment areas.

  4. Once you are finished, go to the Commission online consultation form, just click here.

  5. Please note that, in the interest of brevity and clarity, we have only reproduced the questions and not the full text of the consultation from the Commission. To view the full text of the consultation, please click here.

  6. Submit your answers before 13 July 2014.

Start drafting!