[Update 05/03/2019] The deadline for applications has been extended to 10 March 2019.

EDRi’s General Assembly will elect this year three Board members to replace two outgoing Board members and fill in one vacant position. Once the three Board members are elected, the new Board will select its Treasurer and Vice-President. 2019 is a special year, as EDRi’s General Assembly will also decide which Board member becomes the EDRi President.

All EDRi members are invited to apply to become a member of theEDRi Board.

As an EDRi Board Member, you will help shape the future of the organisation and the network and advance our mission to promote and protect human rights in the digital environment. You will have a responsibility as an employer of the EDRi office and vis-à-vis the members.

When electing new Board members, the General Assembly will give due considerations to ensure that the composition of the Board reflects the diversity of the EDRi membership and that there is a gender and geographic balance between the Board members. EDRi should seek to achieve representation of diverse cultural backgrounds on the Board. The GA will also consider the desired skills and experience needed for having the ability to effectively deliver a function of the Board. Such skills and experience include, but are not limited to: being an NGO board member, board chair or working with boards, fundraising knowledge, human resources insight, public relations, legal or technical skills, political experience, outreach/community experience and similar. null

To be eligible for election

  • Any candidate must declare that they have permission to stand from their own organisation, if their organisation is a member of EDRi;
  • Any candidate joins the Board in their personal capacity and not as a representative of an organisation;
  • Any candidate must be endorsed. Members may set their own procedures for endorsements. When an individual steps forward to run for a position, he or she needs to seek endorsement from a member organisation. Organisations will have the opportunity to withdraw endorsement before the Board elections.
  • Any candidate shall have the opportunity to make a presentation for their candidacy in writing and in person at the General Assembly.
  • Any candidate must not have served on EDRi’s Board for more than three of the previous nine years, discounting any years prior to 2017 .
  • Any candidate must declare any potential conflicts of interest, and anything else that might affect their eligibility, such as criminal convictions (as defined in EDRi’s Conflict of Interest Policy).

Required skills

  • Finances: Budgeting and accounting (only for the position of Treasurer);
  • Experience in advocacy, activism, outreach/community and campaigning for digital human rights;
  • Experience with NGO board membership, board chairing or working with boards, or a similar role;
  • Fluent command of spoken and written English.

Additional skills (to complement the current Board):

  • Fundraising (especially corporate donations, high network individuals, foundation grants);
  • Knowledge of politics and culture in Northern and/or Southern Europe;
  • Knowledge of very small digital rights organisations (volunteers only / staff under 3);
  • Human Resources and governance;
  • Legal, financial and policy oversight;
  • Response to emerging issues;
  • Network development, liaison with the General Assembly.

EDRi’s Board

  • Consists of 6 volunteer members, elected for a 3-year period;
  • Governs EDRi in compliance with its statutes and internal working regulations;
  • Meets remotely on a quarterly basis to discuss general management issues and twice in person for more detailed face-to-face discussions and strategic planning workshops (Board travels are reimbursed by the organisation);
  • Service on the Board should not require more than the equivalent of 10 to 12 days (80 – 100 hours) per year (excluding General Assemblies).
  • Focuses on strategy and accountability rather than day-to-day operations;
  • Participates in deliberations and decisions in matters of policy, finance, fundraising, programs, human resources and advocacy;
  • Supports the growth of the network and deals with membership issues as they arise;
  • Provides advice on how EDRi should respond to emerging issues outside of the strategic plan;
  • Assists in developing and maintaining positive relations among EDRi members, staff members, membership, donors and other stakeholders to enhance EDRi’s mission;
  • Provides all legal, policy and financial oversight to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations.
  • Reviews the internal regulations and policies and recommending any changes for approval by Board and/or General Assembly as required
  • Oversees the Executive Director(s), including supporting and participating in the annual evaluation of the Executive Director(s);
  • Reviews policy and other recommendations received from Board and senior management staff, for decision.

How to apply:

To apply, please fill in the application form which includes a self-assessment of your skills and a brief biography (350 words max.) outlining your interest, experience and background. In addition, please include in your application a statement of endorsement by an EDRi-member and the signed Conflict of Interest Form.

Documents should be sent by mail to elections.committee[at] (PGP Claire Fernandez: 0x6AA82F3C236CBE38).

The Election Committee would be happy to answer any questions you may have about what being a Board member entails or to provide contact details of EDRi members. Write to elections.committee[at] for further info.

The closing date for applications is 3 March 2019 10 March 2019. The vote will take place during the General Assembly, on 7 April 2019 in London. The vote will take place during the General Assembly, on 7t April 2019 in London.