Donation FAQ

Since its creation in 2002, European Digital Rights has been defending and promoting human rights and freedoms in the digital environment. In the past years, the number of legislative proposals has been continuously increasing.

1. If I donate to EDRi, where does my money go?

In the past five years, EDRi has evolved from being a decentralised alliance with no staff to an influential organisation with a Brussels office and professional staff with standing and credibility in key European policy circles. Today, eight people in the Brussels office are working hard to defend your online rights and freedoms. Find out who we are!

Industry lobbyists in Brussels still have vastly more resources in order to influence EU policy making. Your money would contribute to restore the balance.

2. Can I make a donation via bank transfer?

Yes. EDRi has a bank account at the KBC Bank Auderghem-Centre, Chaussée de Wavre 1662, 1160 Brussels, Belgium:

IBAN: BE32 7330 2150 2102

3. Can I make a donation via Bitcoin?

Yes. You can use Bitcoin!

Donate Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a digital currency which is being accepted by a growing number of institutions and merchants throughout the world. Members of our community have asked us to start accepting Bitcoin. Our wallet is

4. Can I donate via PayPal or credit card?

To donate using any major credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express), PayPal, bank transfer; please visit our

5. Can I donate via Flattr ?

Yes, please see

6. What are EDRi’s goals and key achievements?

EDRi’s goal is to promote, protect and uphold fundamental human rights and freedoms in the digital environment. Current priority policy areas are law enforcement by private companies (aka “self-regulation”), surveillance, privacy and data protection, net neutrality and copyright reform.

Key achievements:

However, your money will not only go to campaigning activities. We also work hard to raise understanding and awareness of key issues and technologies. To this end, we produce information and educational material, such as a series of booklets and guides. Our “EDRi papers” – a completely free, Creative Commons licensed web-based library – continues to be extraordinarily successful. Our fortnightly newsletter, the EDRi-gram, is a round up of digital rights news from across Europe.

You can also check EDRi’s annual report if you want to learn more about what we do and how we work. EDRi is an international non-profit association (AISBL) under Belgium law granted by decree Nr7/CDLF/14.853/S of 12 February 2003 and registered in Brussels (n° BE0866.466.752)

7. I don’t have much money, can I support EDRi in a different manner?

Yes, you can distribute our articles, booklets and other material in your social networks, help with translations, contact your Parliamentarians and so on. Don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at brussels(at) to find out how to get involved.

8. Who else is funding EDRi?

Financial summary 2016

Total incomes: 514 745 €

9. Does EDRi issue tax receipts?

Unfortunately, for the moment we cannot send out charitable tax receipts for income tax purposes for donations. We are however able to provide a legal receipt allowing companies to donate in a non-deductible manner.

For any other question, please contact donations(at)