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Increasingly, your digital freedom is under threat. And unfortunately,
mostly as a result of European rules. Europe agreed to transfer your travel
data wholesale to the US. Europe obliged your telephone provider to store
your location, sometimes for up to two years. And Europe is considering
blocking websites and domain names. The list goes on.

This needs to stop. European Digital Rights (EDRi) defends your digital
freedom in Europe and needs your help. With a continuous stream of proposals
that risk eroding digital civil rights in Europe, your donation could make a
huge difference. The main goal at the moment is to keep funding the Brussels
office. This would allow us to continue to fight on all fronts mentioned

If you didn’t know yet, EDRi is a European non-governmental digital rights
organisation. We defend rights such as the freedom of expression, privacy,
data protection and access to knowledge. EDRi was founded in 2002 by 10
organisations from 7 European countries. Since then, EDRi membership has
grown consistently. Currently, EDRi represents 28 organisations from 18
countries in Europe. To find out more about our activities, you can read our
Annual Reports 2009 and 2010 or continue in reading EDRi-gram to be update
on a regular basis.

If you wish to help EDRi promote privacy and fundamental rights by
supporting our specialised office in Brussels, you may donate now to:

European Digital Rights Aisbl
Bank account nr.: 733-0215021-02
IBAN: BE32 7330 2150 2102

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