Fundraising Policy

This policy was adopted at EDRi’s General Assembly in 2018 and is based on and further develops EDRi’s corporate funding policy adopted in 2011. The following principles govern the activity of accepting funds for EDRi’s general budget or for the benefit of any of its programmes and projects.

EDRi encourages individual and corporate donations and the acceptance of funds for purposes that will help us to develop and fulfill our mission. Secure and diverse funding enables EDRi to maintain its independence, protect its reputation and to operate effectively. New grants and project funding should be compatible with EDRi’s multi-annual strategy and priorities 2015-2019.

1) Donors

EDRi solicits funds from EU institutions, public authorities, NGOs, companies, foundations and individuals.

2) Policy

Before accepting funds from potential supporters, EDRi will conduct a due diligence exercise to ensure that:

1.EDRi’s independence, integrity, impartiality and credibility are not compromised, EDRi is not diverted from its mission.

2. A maximum of 30% of EDRi’s yearly budget can be funded from corporate donations. A single corporate donation cannot exceed 7.5% of its total income of the previous year. If we are in a situation when a corporate donation will exceed to above-mentioned limits, it will need to be discussed and decided by the Board on a case by case basis.

3. The company or organisation issuing the donation must be legally operating in the European Union.

4. Any plans to publicise a donor’s support for EDRi are discussed and agreed by the Board before accepting donations and will not limit EDRi’s ability to act independently.

5. Receiving funding from corporations or donors from the private sector does not imply endorsement of a donor’s policies and record.

6. EDRi will transparently report about received support from all its donors and how it was spent in its annual report. EDRi accepts support only under condition that it can openly inform about receiving it in its annual report and via other communication channels.

7. EDRi will only accept donations to support its core activities as agreed in its multi-annual strategy and not work on the basis of projects funded by companies or industry groups unless the initiative comes from EDRi.

8. EDRi will only accept funding from European Union institutions to support its core activities as agreed in its multi-annual strategy and/or for projects initiated directly by EDRi.

A list of annual reports and transparency reports can be found here.