Stop the #CensorshipMachine – Suggested talking points

1. Say your name, where you live, and a bit about yourself (for example that you are a parent, a student, an artist, retired…)

2. Tell them you’re calling about the Copyright Directive and the upcoming JURI committee vote in June.

3. Tell them you oppose Article 13, the plan to make websites build mass content filtering programs.

4. Give an example of how content filtering will have a negative impact. For example, if you want to share a video about an ongoing political protest and there is copyrighted music on the background, this content will be blocked from being uploaded. If you want to use open source code hosting platforms like Github, it will have to install filters to scan your content. If you want to make a meme using an existing cartoon, it will be blocked before you press publish.

5. Tell them that for these reasons, you are asking them to vote against Articles 11 and 13 in the upcoming Copyright Directive vote. Highlight that this matters a lot to you, and how they vote on this will influence how you vote in the next election.

6. Don’t forget to thank the person at the end of the line, and if you are talking to an assistant, encourage them to pass on your message to the MEP.

We’d love to hear how MEPs are responding! Please write down how the call went – and your notes to us at You can include details like whether the person you talked with seemed to support or oppose our cause, and how they reacted to your call.

Thank you!