Access Now is hiring for various positions

Access Now is a growing international human rights organisation dedicated to defending and extending the digital rights of users at risk around the world, including issues of privacy, security, freedom of expression, and transparency. Their policy, advocacy, technology, and operations teams have staff presences in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East/North Africa (MENA), North America, and South/Southeast Asia, to provide global support to their mission. Check out their open vacancies.

Job details



Policy Analyst (East Asia)

The Policy Analyst works closely with the Organization’s various Advocacy teams. The role may be filled as Policy Analyst, or as Policy Counsel, differentiated by regional and/or preparatory distinctions. This role sits within the Advocacy Arm, on the Policy and International Programs Team, and reports through the Regional Policy and Advocacy Director.

What you will do

  • Follow regional developments on areas of importance to human rights in the digital age, which can include business & human rights, content regulation and disinformation, cybersecurity, government surveillance, accountability of online platforms and more, depending on prioritisation and planning
  • Craft data and evidence-based research on with legal and policy analysis; and develop policy recommendations and strategies on issues relating but not limited to the above thematic priorities
  • Craft data and evidence based research with legal, policy, and legislative analysis; and develop policy recommendations and strategies on the above policy areas
  • Write policy briefs, blog posts, public comments, reports and other pertinent documents in support of lobbying and advocacy efforts
  • Monitor and document relevant digital rights issues in the region, monitoring the release of academic publications and summarizing relevant findings to inform our work
  • Support and identify opportunities for collaboration with partners, policymakers, and stakeholders in a country/region to advance regional community objectives on digital rights
  • Coordinate and assist with multi stakeholder engagement and public events and before regional policy and governance institutions
  • Represent Access Now at events, in coalitions, and on partner organizations’ advisory councils
  • Advise and develop with the Asia Pacific policy and advocacy director a regional strategy with the Asia Pacific policy and advocacy director that identifies key priority themes and advocacy avenues for the organization
  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop innovative and effective regional advocacy approaches to advance digital rights in the region, including campaigns and media relations
  • Collaborate with campaigners on development of materials, and execute comprehensive, substance-driven campaigns. Research fundraising and partnership opportunities, including innovative collaboration
  • Work closely with colleagues to map strategic growth and opportunities for deepening our work in support of communities at serious risk throughout the region, and in response to regional developments that impact the global digital rights landscape
  • Coordinate work with colleagues across the Organization, setting clear advocacy plans and priorities, monitoring progress, and proactively communicating as conditions change
  • Support our work in the context of RightsCon, our global summit on human rights in the digital age, to engage our broad community and identify new partners
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Skills, education, and mindset you will bring

  • 3-5 years of experience working on technology policy and law, digital security and activism, or international affairs in the Asia-Pacific region, with a focus on East Asia —- particularly Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Additional expertise on South Korea and Japan is desirable, though not necessary. Previous work experience on matters arising from elsewhere in the Asia Pacific region or global digital policy issues is a plus, but not required.
  • Solid understanding of the functioning and internal processes of regional and state regulatory and legislative institutions and mechanisms in East Asia
  • Ability to bridge the gap between policy and technology (technical background a plus)
  • Excellent communication skills and proven ability to produce well-written policy papers and communications material
  • Experience engaging and supporting diverse communities including women, LGBTQI or queer communities
  • Global perspective and ability to participate in a team with people from around the world. Previous experience engaging with technology firms and other tech sector actors from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan is a strong plus. Previous study experience in the region, including South Korea and Japan, is also a plus.
  • Strong organisational skills, and ability to meet and prioritise multiple deadlines in a complex and fluid environment
  • Ability to work remotely, with experience in securely communicating with and supporting stakeholders on the ground within a high-risk security context
  • Thorough understanding of the digital debates of our time and the challenges that new technologies pose to the respect and enjoyment of human rights
  • Experience working in civil society, public sector, and/or a regulatory environment preferred
  • Fluency in English and Mandarin required; fluency in another East Asian language (including Cantonese, Korean, Japanese) is a plus
  • Appropriate education and work preparation for the role, with preference for a bachelor or master degree equivalent in law, political science, international relations or public policy preferred

Education and Communities Coordinator – Myanmar, Part-Time

What you will do

As Education and Communities Coordinator – Myanmar you will maximize the impact of assistance and interventions in the Country, especially in relation to longer-term efforts and outcomes through organisational/group accompaniment framing, for regional work by the Helpline team. More specifically, you will:

  • Support the coordination of digital security assessments, audits, trainings, clinics and other regional initiatives, both in-person and remotely
  • Build and maintain relationships with regional intermediaries, help desks, trainers and other partners to strengthen the ecosystem capacity in Myanmar
  • Build and maintain beneficiary relationships and partnerships with at-risk communities and groups from within the Country
  • Facilitate referrals to and collaborate with other support organizations for the needs of civil society organizations, journalists, and at-risk users
  • Coordinate technical, procedural and financial support to improve the ecosystem capacity in the country, by engaging with relevant organizations, communities and networks (e.g. networks of Burmese-speaking digital security professionals);
  • Support the development, improvement and localization of articles, advisories and other resources and communications in support of local beneficiaries and intermediaries in Burmese
  • Serve as an escalation point for regional expertise within the Helpline team and beyond
  • Support strategic analysis and planning of regional efforts of the Helpline
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Skills, education, and mindset you will bring

  • Experience in assessing risks and communicating risk reduction strategies to non-technical audiences
  • Understanding of the security needs of at-risk users, such as civil society members, human rights defenders, media workers, discriminated demographics
  • Competence in providing digital security training designed to support at-risk individuals and communities, in-person and/or online
  • Experience in conducting security assessments for civil society organizations and/or at-risk individuals, delivering actionable remediation plans and support follow-up implementation
  • Strong ability to plan, organize, and follow through with projects efficiently
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to manage priorities
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Competence or interest in the development of written resources and documentation
  • Ability to travel internationally and domestically on occasion
  • Fluency in English and Burmese required
  • Appropriate education and work preparation to allow for successful outcomes in the role; relevant academic degrees in engineering, and/or possession of security certifications are helpful