Access Now is hiring for various positions

Access Now is a growing international human rights organisation dedicated to defending and extending the digital rights of users at risk around the world, including issues of privacy, security, freedom of expression, and transparency. Their policy, advocacy, technology, and operations teams have staff presences in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East/North Africa (MENA), North America, and South/Southeast Asia, to provide global support to their mission. Check out their open vacancies.

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Communities Communications Coordinator

The Communities Communications Coordinator helps to manage and align the communications efforts of the Digital Security Helpline with the communities it serves. In particular, the Communities Communications Coordinator works across the Helpline to ensure that communications with at-risk beneficiaries, intermediaries, service providers, and partners are tailored and appropriate to their needs. In addition, the Coordinator interfaces internally within Access Now’s Advocacy-Communications & Engagement Team for any Helpline-related efforts.

What you will do

  • Review and improve how the Digital Security Helpline communicates with beneficiaries – from how the Helpline is presented, to potential beneficiaries, to soliciting feedback from existing beneficiaries
  • Review and improve how the Helpline communicates with intermediaries in sustaining and nurturing these relationships, in collaboration with Helpline Regional Coordinators and the Education and Communities Lead
  • Lead on ways to keep partners up-to-date on the Helpline’s work, such as monthly and quarterly updates
  • Draft written template responses for Helpline communications
  • Advise Helpline staff on language and communication style
  • Review and improve Helpline documentation and materials (such as training materials, assessment reports) for tone and consistency, in collaboration with the Documentation Coordinator
  • Support Helpline public presence, such as webpage content, printed materials, etc in collaboration with the Access Now Communications Team
  • Help direct Helpline-related media queries and engagement within the Access Now team
  • Assist in global implementation of the annual RightsCon summit series
  • Perform other duties as assigned


Senior Policy Analyst / Counsel (East Asia)

The Senior Policy Analyst is deeply involved in aspects of the organisation that pertain to Access Now’s policy initiatives in East Asia. The Analyst works closely with Asia Pacific policy analysts, campaigners, regional leaders, and others around the world to foster international dialogue to ensure that legislation and policies around the region respect and extend human rights in the digital age.

What you will do

  • Implement the Asia Pacific regional plan, designing and deploying policy and advocacy strategies tailored to the target institutions and stakeholders in East Asia to defend Access Now’s positions under the supervision of the Asia Pacific Policy and Advocacy Director
  • Craft research and evidence based on legal, policy, and legislative analysis, leading to development of sound policy recommendations and strategies in the region
  • Advise and engage with relevant governmental and other regional institutions as appropriate, and key regulators dealing with issues connecting to our policy priorities
  • Coordinate with policy action and communications teams on innovative and effective regional advocacy approaches to advance digital rights in East Asia, including helping to design and execute relevant online and offline campaigns
  • Collaborate closely with the Asia Pacific Policy and Advocacy Director and the global advocacy team to build and update Access Now’s global policy positions and identify the most efficient and strategic implementations in a region
  • Coordinate with the global campaign team on opportunities to create global actions on programmatic issues relevant to East Asia priorities
  • Follow developments in areas of importance to human rights in the digital age, spanning business & human rights, content moderation, regulation and disinformation, internet shutdowns, government surveillance, digital identity, data protection and privacy, and accountability of online platforms
  • Support and collaborate with diverse groups of organisations and individuals in East Asia to advance regional community objectives on digital rights
  • Coordinate and represent Access Now in stakeholder coalitions, public events, and before governmental institutions
  • Identify opportunities to build Access Now’s profile in East Asia, including by developing and managing relationships with partners, policymakers, and stakeholders
  • Support the Asia Pacific Policy and Advocacy Director in advising Advocacy Directors (Policy and International Programs, Campaigns & Rapid Response, Communication & Engagement), Executive Director, and Senior Management Team on issues and strategy
  • Assist in the implementation of RightsCon events and gatherings
  • Other duties as assigned

Advocacy Coordinator (South Asia)

As Advocacy Coordinator (South Asia), you will help advance the cause of human rights in the digital age and aid in devising advocacy initiatives, communications and campaigns to support our position on policy discussions broadly affecting privacy, surveillance, data protection, content governance, digital security, internet shutdowns and cybersecurity in South Asia.

What you will do

  • Identify, develop and implement key strategic advocacy and campaigning initiatives in alignment with our regional strategy and priorities
  • Develop materials for diverse stakeholders and audiences including campaign content, presentations, articles, press releases, op-eds, long and short-form content like blogs and explainers, social media content etc.
  • Liaise with colleagues in the Asia Pacific team, and Communications and Engagement team to align priorities, timelines, and deliverables for content launches and other time-sensitive projects in South Asia
  • Manage and respond to media requests on issues relevant to the region and accordingly coordinate with staff members, assisting the communications team as needed
  • Support the team in developing talking points on specific issues and campaigns
  • Nurture new relationships with journalists, and work with relevant colleagues to develop individual media relationships into organizational ones
  • Pitch stories to news outlets on Access Now and the digital rights community’s work in South Asia
  • Develop and maintain contact with key decision-makers, policy-makers and their offices; identify opportunities for proactive and reactive engagement, and prepare material as necessary in coordination with the team
  • Liaise with colleagues to ensure that Access Now website is updated with South Asia related outputs
  • Project-manage all communications and engagement deliverables from South Asia together with the Asia Pacific Advocacy director and Policy Counsel
  • Work with the design team to create multimedia content adapted to various platforms
  • Expand our reach beyond the digital rights community, developing communities of action to impact decision makers, building an intersectional partner network, and connecting directly with the at-risk individuals and human rights defenders we aim to serve, as well as media, private sector, parliamentarians, and other key stakeholders who can help advance our advocacy goals
  • Participate in and organize events that facilitate coalition building, strategic partnerships, and direct connection with relevant decision makers
  • Support and contribute to our existing global campaigns such as #KeepItOn, #WhyID, and #BanBS, as well as others, in furtherance of the organization’s global and regional strategies
  • Work closely with colleagues in the Communications and Engagement, Campaigns and Rapid Response teams in addition to those in the Policy and International Program team, to collaborate on advocacy and campaigning initiatives aimed at achieving regional and global goals
  • Contribute to RightsCon programming and arrange meetings with regional stakeholders
  • Work closely with the Digital Security Helpline to map strategic growth and opportunities for deepening our work in support of communities at serious risk throughout the region, and in response to regional developments that impact the global digital rights landscape