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About DFF

The Digital Freedom Fund works to advance digital rights through strategic litigation in Europe. They do this through grants that support the legal, advocacy, research, and other costs involved in litigation; through facilitating skill development and networking in the digital rights field; and through facilitating litigators’ access to pro bono legal support.

DFF also co-drives a process to decolonise the digital rights field, which informs all our work. The initiative emerged from conversations held at DFF strategy meetings, which brought into focus the need to reflect on the way in which uneven power dynamics, exclusion, and privilege play out in our field, including how these shape the way in which digital rights are conceived and how they are protected.

DFF is registered in The Netherlands and its office is in Berlin, with staff members in Germany, Belgium, and the UK. Board members are based in various countries.

About Board Member role vacancy

  • Collaborate with DFF staff and other board members (all leaders in their respective fields) to provide strategic direction and oversight around the organisation’s activities and budget, with a focus on governance
  • Ensure accountability to DFF’s mission and values, and help ground our digital rights work in the lived experiences of people and communities targeted by data systems and related technology harms
  • Participate in four annual board meetings (three virtual meetings, and ideally one in-person)
  • Get involved with a highly collaborative, highly motivated and dynamic staff team
  • Participate in occasional strategic planning and reflection retreats with the organisation
  • Contribute to developing DFF’s financial resilience and membership base by connecting DFF to new networks and donors
  • Your engagement might include participation in committees and ad hoc working groups
  • Be available for a minimum three-year term, renewable once

Two Board leadership roles that need to be filled this year:

  • Chair: Chairs the board meetings; creates a purposeful agenda in collaboration with the executive director; helps assigning people to different committees; serves as the contact for board issues; sets goals and objectives with the board and ensures they are met; holds members accountable for attending meetings and completing tasks.
  • Secretary: Assures that an agenda has been prepared by the board chair and director and that the agenda is distributed in advance of the meeting; prepares the official minutes of the meeting and records motions, discussions, votes, and decisions; prepares and provides the previous meeting’s written minutes to board members before the next meeting and records any changes or corrections. Needs to be based in The Netherlands.

These roles – and participation on the DFF Board in general – involve significant responsibilities. They are currently updating our articles of incorporation to enable the possibility of (modest) compensation of Board members in recognition for their important contributions.

Who are they looking for?

As a social reform organisation in the digital rights field, the Digital Freedom Fund is committed to actively integrating an anti-colonial lens in its work. They encourage applications from a diverse range of backgrounds who are impacted by digital rights, and they welcome candidates based both inside and outside Europe.

DFF values the importance of non-traditional and\or non-formal experiences as much as academic and/or formal work experiences.

Essential requirements:

  • Affinity for oversight and/or strategic direction and NGO leadership
  • Strong understanding of or excitement to learn more about strategic litigation and the digital rights landscape in Europe
  • Commitment to – and expertise in- social justice and anti-colonial values and practices

Current recruitment priorities:

(Based on gaps among current Board membership – if you have *any* of these skill-sets, they would really love to hear from you!)

  • Grassroots movement experience: professional and/or personal experience in grassroots advocacy around social, racial, economic, or environmental justice
  • Decolonising work and anti-oppression: professional experience leading or supporting organisational change efforts to promote anti-colonial, anti-oppressive, and accessible practices. Check out our “Decolonising Digital Rights” project to get a clearer sense of what they mean by all this!
  • NGO leadership: experience in an Executive Director role (or another role with similar responsibilities) at a nonprofit organisation

Additional priority skill areas:

  • Organisational development and\or human resources
  • Fundraising and/or grant making processes
  • Financial management
  • Media and digital communications

How to Apply

If you think this Board could be a fit for you, they’d love to talk more! They’re happy to answer questions and provide more information; Please feel free to reach out to the director Mauricio Lazala at mauricio[at]digitalfreedomfund[dot]org.

Once you’re ready to apply, please send the following to info[at]digitalfreedomfund[dot]org with “[board application+your name]” in the subject line: Board application

  • CV
  • A statement of motivation (1 page maximum), answering the following questions:
  • What does DFF’s mission (found on our website) mean to you?
  • What interests you most about joining our Board of Directors?
  • How would your skills and experiences (personal and professional) translate into success in this role?

About Tech Community Lead (consultancy)

The Tech Community Lead will work closely with the Legal Adviser and Legal Officer, under supervision of the Director. DFF’s team is based in various cities in Europe. Its office is in Berlin, where the Tech Community Lead will preferably be based (other locations can be considered).

Role description

The Tech Community Lead’s role will be focused on helping bridge the gap between technologists and digital rights litigators/campaigners, including the following main tasks:

  • Conducting a mapping to create a network list of public interest technologists and litigators interested in exploring mutually beneficial models of working together on digital rights litigation;
  • Taking a lead in delivering meetings/workshops that bring together tech and legal expertise. This will include, among others, the conceptualisation, design, organisation of participant outreach, documentation and follow-up to the events;
  • Drafting, alongside the participants of the aforementioned meetings, a research and investigation framework for platform accountability litigation/ campaigning to assist the consistent and centralised storage of information which can be leveraged by multiple stakeholders working on these issues;
  • Co-creating a project plan for improving information sharing and increasing litigation partnerships between public interest technologists and litigators which plots out the next steps for further collaboration and coordination on projects, and potentially, also for the creation of a central repository for data, information and other evidence;
  • Devising other concrete activities in order to strengthen these partnerships and networks;
  • Continuing working with DFF in designing a plan for building and sustaining this community of technologists and litigators/campaigners for the medium- and longer-term.

More details regarding this role can be found here.