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Fellows Program at the Datasphere Initiative

The application for Datasphere's 2022-2023 Fellowship Program is now open!

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USD 2 500, non-exclusive dedication



Closing date

July 15, 2022

The Datasphere Initiative offers opportunities for graduate students and young professionals to work on novel research, tools and dialogue related to data governance. They encourage applications from individuals committed to understanding and advancing the inclusive and sustainable development of societies through the holistic view of the Datasphere.

Today, the volume of data, be it personal or non-personal, collected and produced, stored, utilized, and in transit, grows at an accelerated pace. Data opens up opportunities for unprecedented social and economic value creation in a broad diversity of sectors, potentially ushering in a new era of well-being for all. At the same time, legitimate concerns have emerged regarding security threats, economic imbalances, and human rights abuses that can impact a society increasingly dependent upon data. 

The report We Need to Talk About Data calls for a global, multistakeholder, and cross-sectoral debate that is more nuanced and takes into account the complex interdependence of data. The concept of the Datasphere supports a needed system-wide approach that allows for a strong and positive narrative to bring together the various stakeholders in this ecosystem.  However, there is still a  critical need for innovation regarding the tools, the frameworks, and, most importantly, the concepts they rely on to develop concrete solutions that will help solve the most pressing problems society faces today.

The Fellows Program executes on that call by bringing brilliant young minds from a diversity of disciplines to further explore these challenges through the lens of the Datasphere. Topics of interest include cross-border data flows, new stewardship models, data commons, economic and social issues as well as leveraging data for sustainable development.

The fellows will be invited to bring their own knowledge, research agenda, and networks to the table. On an opportunity basis, the fellows will be able to join DI’s leadership in global events or receive their support in organizing their own events.

What they’re looking for in their Fellows:

  • At least four years of relevant work or research experience.
  • Tech-savvy, with experience working in or studying the technology sector.
  • Great interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Ability to explain technology to those that aren’t as familiar with technology tools or concepts.
  • Track record of success taking initiative and working with others.
  • Ability to work with a global team and flexibility to work remotely.
  • Fluent in English, with a second language preferred.
  • Committed to their mission.

This fellowship is open to candidates globally since this is a remote opportunity.

Minimum expected outputs:

  • A short paper (5 to 10 pages) on the topic you propose among the relevant ones for the Initiative
  • Two blog posts on the topic you propose among the relevant ones for the Initiative
  • A series of events or interviews
  • Other to be discussed individually and based on your application

As a Datasphere Initiative Fellow you will:

  • Researching relevant policymaking topics covered by the Datasphere Initiative including, but not exclusively, best practices and frameworks for data governance, free flow of data, data governance to support the sustainable development goals within issues such as climate change, health and poverty, data governance for innovation in sectors such as health and agriculture, and many others.
  • Work on case studies of countries or initiatives relevant to your own research focus or origin, furthering and translating the Datasphere Initiative Program in support of local awareness-raising, capacity building and policymaking.
  • Support the Datasphere Initiative by writing about and presenting your experience periodically, and by representing the Datasphere Initiative as appropriate and in agreement with their leadership at meetings or events.

More details regarding this role can be found here.