Impact documentation specialist (consultant)

EDRi is looking for an external consultant who will run the research and retrospective production in the lead up to EDRi’s 20th anniversary.

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Closing date

September 20, 2021

About EDRi

The EDRi network is a dynamic and resilient collective of 45+ NGOs, experts, advocates and academics working to defend and advance digital rights across the continent. For almost two decades, it has served as the backbone of the digital rights movement in Europe.

Our mission is to challenge private and state actors who abuse their power to control or manipulate the public. We do so by advocating for robust and enforced laws, informing and mobilising people, promoting a healthy and accountable technology market, and building a movement of organisations and individuals committed to digital rights and freedoms in a connected world.


As EDRi approaches its 20th anniversary, it stands at a pivotal moment aiming to strengthen its connection with other movements to meet the challenges of large systemic problems and inequalities. Looking forward, EDRi will continue to critically reflect on and challenge the impact of digitisation on our lives and democracies in the coming years. We want to strongly establish the determining factors behind the success of EDRi to date, map the lessons learned in the two decades of existence in order to inform our work looking forward and better harness and document network developments, from governance to values, including policy and campaigns principles. 


The successful external consultant will run the research and retrospective production in the lead up to EDRi’s 20th anniversary. The goals of the research and documentation piece are to:

  1. Honor and affirm the people and processes that paved the way for EDRi’s successes during 20 years;
  2. Take stock and assess the network relevance in meeting current opportunities and challenges in a connected world;
  3. Communicate and raise awareness of network successes & impact

The research scope will depend on the findings from the consultation phase and the research phase and will feature current and former representatives of members, staff and activists of EDRi and acknowledge their biggest victories in the EU and at national levels as well as long-term forward-looking perspectives for the upcoming 5 years. 


  • Run consultations with EDRi members, partners and other NGOs in the field on the frame and scope of what information would be useful to gather on EDRi’s journey (via survey, focus groups or virtual consultations).
  • Collaborate with the EDRi office, EDRi members and the dedicated project team (through regular calls) and contribute to the project management tools (monitoring progress and deliverables).
  • Conduct interviews and capture stories and knowledge of relevant stakeholders based on the identification of the people who have built EDRi, to capture and curate various contributions over the 20 years of EDRi’s existence.
  • Draft a summary report of the findings.
  • Contribute to the final outputs for sharing EDRi’s story (format tbd: timeline, booklet, audio recording, videos, podcasts, etc.)
  • Suggest best practices for knowledge sharing of the findings for staff, board members and members to get a firm grasp on EDRi’s history, structure, governance, principles and policy areas.

Experience and skills

  • Experience in documentation processes and researching impact of social movements
  • Experience in project management and in handling production of research projects
  • Excellent written and spoken English 
  • Knowledge of collaborative research tools 
  • Experience working in collaborative and member led networks

Time frame: the project will run from October 2021 to summer 2022

Budget: To be discussed based on offers received. 

Applications: If you are interested, please submit an offer for the project detailing your (and your team’s) experience and qualification, as well as proposed methodology and budget proposal. 

Apply to:  by 20th September 2021.