Inclusion and equity assessment and audit (consultant)

The EDRi office is looking for consultant(s) to conduct an internal organisational equity assessment and audit.

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Closing date

October 8, 2021

About EDRi

The EDRi network is a dynamic and resilient collective of 45+ NGOs, experts, advocates and academics working to defend and advance digital rights across the continent. For almost two decades, it has served as the backbone of the digital rights movement in Europe.

Our mission is to challenge private and state actors who abuse their power to control or manipulate the public. We do so by advocating for robust and enforced laws, informing and mobilising people, promoting a healthy and accountable technology market, and building a movement of organisations and individuals committed to digital rights and freedoms in a connected world.


In 2019, the EDRi Office started internal discussions, training and policy mapping on inclusion, equity and justice issues within the Brussels team and the broader EDRi network. The scope of this work has built on matters of diversity and representation and how this affects our work, as well as more broadly the understanding of marginalisation linked to digital rights. We have commissioned an initial mapping of ‘digital discrimination’, or the intersection between anti-discrimination and digital rights work.

The EDRi office has worked to improve internal inclusion, equity and justice policies and practices and to involve EDRi members in organisational and content-related discussions. EDRi and its partner, the Digital Freedom Fund have initiated the Decolonizing Digital Rights process to design a long-term decolonising programme for the field.

While the different elements of the EDRi network and the field are moving in a multi-tiered engagement, the EDRi office is looking for consultant(s) to conduct an internal organisational equity assessment and audit.


To identify areas of improvements that could inform future decisions and actions towards a safe, resilient and equal environment for colleagues, partners and members and to prevent and resolve discrimination, harassment, microaggressions and conflict.

The main elements of this work are to review, assess and subsequently propose areas of improvements to:

  • EDRi office recruitment and retention practices
  • Level of inclusion at events and external communication
  • Office work culture, policies and practices
  • Board and governance processes, composition and practices


  • Desk research and review of documentation
  • Interview or survey EDRi staff and Board members
  • Group meetings to share findings and updates
  • Report on findings
  • Action plan with recommendations based on best practices and tailor-made suggestions including Monitoring, Evaluation and learning targets

Experience and skills:

  • Experience in inclusion audits of internal organisational decolonising practices and processes
  • Knowledge of NGO human resources, employment and governance processes and practices
  • Excellent written and spoken English

Time frame:

The consultancy should start in Q4 2021 and be conducted by Q1 2022.


To be discussed based on offers received.


If you are interested, please submit an offer for the project detailing your (and your team’s) experience and qualification, as well as proposed methodology and budget proposal.

Apply to: with subject: Application inclusion and equity audit by 8th October 2021

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