Monitoring and Evaluation Framework consultant for a baseline study

EDRi seeks a consultant to conduct a baseline study on EDRi's work and help deliver a monitoring and evaluation framework.

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Approx. EUR 5000 based on agreed methodology



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About EDRi
The EDRi network is a dynamic and resilient collective of 44+ NGOs, experts, advocates and academics working to defend and advance digital rights across the continent. For almost two decades, it has served as the backbone of the digital rights movement in Europe.

Our mission is to challenge private and state actors who abuse their power to control or manipulate the public. We do so by advocating for robust and enforced laws, informing and mobilising people, promoting a healthy and accountable technology market, and building a movement of organisations and individuals committed to digital rights and freedoms in a connected world.

EDRi is looking for external support to start building a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. We will conduct an external evaluation study at the end of 2021 to evaluate our impact at mid point of the implementation period of our multi-annual strategy. An M&E framework is crucial to better assess our impact, and to prepare that evaluation. We need to establish useful and simple baseline data to help us measure the right set of indicators.

• Review current monitoring and evaluation practices
• Propose baseline framework for future impact assessment
– Review theory of change, strategy indicators and results
– Review existing comms metrics, advocacy and campaign impact assessment methodology
– Propose a set of simple indicators and methods to establish a baseline for 2020 and 2021 impact assessment
– Propose simple M&E tool (spreadsheet, narrative, reporting, reflective sessions) and process
– Make a proposal for future M&E and impact assessment strategy

To apply, please a short expression of interest with information on how you would fit the profile and what methodology you would bring to this mission to applications(at)edri(dot)org by 4th December 2020.