Mozilla Technology Fund seeks people, projects auditing AI systems with open-source approaches

The second cohort of the Mozilla Technology Fund will fuel projects building much-needed auditing, evaluation, and accountability mechanisms for AI.

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October 5, 2022

Mozilla is seeking people and projects who are using open-source tools to audit AI systems — and awarding up to $50,000 each to those doing so.

The next cohort of the Mozilla Technology Fund will support projects which are providing tools and resources to auditors who are working to create greater accountability for AI systems. Winning projects will help fuel the growing AI transparency space, and also contribute to the learnings and community of the Open Source Audit Tooling (OAT) Initiative, a project developed and led by Mozilla Fellow Deb Raji.

Applications will be open from 6 September to 5 October. Learn more about the criteria, and then apply, here.

Says Mehan Jayasuriya, Senior Program Officer at Mozilla: “We’re excited to launch the second call for proposals for the Mozilla Technology Fund. We’ve worked closely with researchers and Mozilla Fellows like Deb Raji and Abeba Birhane to identify auditing tools as a fast-evolving, high-impact segment of the ecosystem that is currently underfunded. Our goal is to double-down on our investments in tools which can help identify the bias in and increase the transparency of AI systems.”