noyb is looking for a legal trainee

At noyb, they are continuously on the lookout for Legal Trainees who can help support them in their work on GDPR litigation and enforcement. As one of their three to four Trainees, you will work closely with the rest of their pan-European team, and will take on your own projects which will have a direct impact on organizations and data subjects across the EU and EEA.

Job details



The work you’ll do:

As a trainee, you’ll get to work with the whole legal team at noyb. They strongly encourage that you work on your own projects or put previous academic work into practice. You may also contribute to the projects noyb’s permanent staff are working on, according to what is topical and what your interests are.

In addition to this, there are some tasks you will be expected to contribute to consistently: For instance, you will be expected to assist with managing thier GDPR decision repository, the GDPRhub, which means monitoring the websites of the different data protection authorities for new decisions, engaging with thier Country Reporters to distribute these decisions, and summarizing decisions yourself from time to time. You will also be expected to author commentaries on the different articles of the GDPR every couple of weeks. It will also be expected that you help provide their members with advice on their GDPR queries – therefore it helps if you are a people-oriented individual.

While you will contribute to such tasks for the duration of your traineeship, there is no uniform ‘Trainee experience’ in the sense that it will very much be up to you to express your interest for projects that you would like to work on.

Applying to noyb:

Noyb try to make applications with us meaningful and easy. They are usually somewhat flexible on timing and other practical elements. As a European organization they also try to cater to national rules on education (e.g. required practice certificates), as far as possible. You can send us an informal email or a full application at any time and they are happy to get back to you on timing and other details. For all further details, please read through noyb’s one-pager here.

Their next openings are available from September 2021.

For more information see noyb’s website here.