Open North is looking for a Senior Analyst

This position offers the possibility to contribute to and learn from several projects revolving around data governance, open data, open smart cities, open government and AI ethics. All built to be relevant to communities.

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About Open North

Founded in 2011, Open North is Canada’s leading not-for-profit organization specialized in data governance, open data and open government, community engagement, and open smart cities. Our mission is to drive research, capacity-building and network collaboration across and within sectors to advance the responsible and effective use of data & technology. With a multidisciplinary team of 15 staff (+ expert advisors) and an annual budget of $1M+, we work with the most innovative and connected communities in Canada and internationally. Through our service offering, we are called upon to support our partners to develop and implement data governance models, lead collaborative data sharing initiatives, develop strategic plans and operational roadmaps, and train communities on a range of open smart city topics (eg. data management, open procurement, digital inclusion, and ethical AI). As an established international leader, our research and practitioners networks extend across the country and globally.

Senior Analyst – Data Policy & Technology

Open North is seeking an exceptional individual, inclined towards both theory and practice, to fill a new Senior Analyst position.

The Senior Analyst will assume a hands-on role and be responsible for supporting and delivering a variety of research and capacity building projects related to Open North’s key areas of expertise, in particular data governance, open data, open smart cities, open government, and AI ethics. They will apply their domain knowledge through a variety of supports such as strategy development, public policy, public engagement and data literacy as well as data standardization. Projects are both local and international.

The Senior Analyst will interact with and learn from other disciplines, keep up with the latest developments in a number of domains, and make connections to domains outside of their work at Open North. This is accomplished through a commitment to ongoing learning as an important aspect of the Senior Analyst role.

Find more information about the role and application process here.

Senior Analyst – Training and Capacity Building (Data Literacy)

The position is only available in French. See here for the full description.