Open vacancies at noyb for Mid-level and Senior lawyers, Full-Stack Developer & Legal Trainees

EDRi member noyb is a non-profit organization working on enforcement actions under GDPR, that is expanding their pan-European tech team to work on innovative legal tech projects.

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noyb is a European NGO focused on strategic, innovative, and effective enforcement of wilful privacy violations by private actors across the European market. They work together with national institutions in  the consumer, privacy, and tech sectors. The admin, tech, and legal team consist of about 20 team members from across Europe. More than 4,000 noyb supporting members and institutional supporters ensure a long-term and stable environment.

Mid-level and senior lawyers

As a mid-level lawyer, the key tasks at noyb will include litigating civil and administrative procedures, oversight of complaint procedures, developing legal strategies, cooperating with external law firms, supporting noybs strategic and legal policy goals, and media relations. Key requirements include but are not limited to 3-6 years relevant work experience on privacy / GDPR, existing experience in leading projects, existing experience in litigation/procedural law.

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