Project Manager vacancy at Tails

Tails, a portable operating system that protects against surveillance and censorship, is looking for a project manager to make their organization function better.

Job details




40.000-100.000 € per year

Hours of work

25-35 hours/week



About Tails

In the last 12 years, from a tiny volunteer-run Free Software project, Tails has grown to a setup in which almost all the work is done by paid workers, with a 350k€ yearly budget. This allowed them to increase by several orders of magnitude the quality and pace of development of their product.

However, this growth happened faster than the corresponding, necessary increase of their organization & social skills and capacity. As a result, lots of the organization and social work still relies on the founders of the project.

For their project to thrive sustainably, they want to establish a new role for someone who will work with them to develop their organization and manage our day-to-day operations, building upon their core values of transparency, autonomy, and horizontal decision-making.

About role

They are looking for someone who will make Tails a healthier organization & work place, and provide project-wide management, supporting both organizational and team-level objectives:

  • Facilitation, community management: facilitate decision-making about collective processes, implement them
  • Project-wide management:
    • Help their teams function well and remain aligned with the priorities of the organization. Manage grant projects with deadlines.
    • Negotiate and document expectations. Set up self-evaluation, feedback, and accountability mechanisms.
    • Encourage workers to grow within the organization. Ensure their needs, desires, and problems they’re facing are heard and followed-up with.
    • Identify knowledge gaps and recruitment needs: which roles they should hire for and when.
  • Facilitate the flow of useful information through the project, connecting it to the bigger picture as needed.

More details about this position can be found here.