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Systemic Justice works to radically transform how the law works for communities fighting for racial, social, and economic justice. Centring affected communities in joint litigation, Systemic Justice will help broaden access to judicial remedies for those fighting for justice and equality. This will help dismantle the power structures that underpin and fuel racial, social, and economic injustice. Check out their open vacancies.

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Student Researchers

There is no fixed deadline for applying. Applicants for the role will be considered in the beginning of each quarter (October, January, April, July).

Some of the research needs of the organisation include:

  • mapping of opportunities and obstacles to taking cases on racial, social, and economic justice issues in Europe;
  • mapping case management solutions;
  • mapping and analysing relevant laws, regulations, and jurisprudence that might inform litigation strategies; and
  • collecting and summarising information on effective working models for movement lawyering and organising communities of practice.

The team at Systemic Justice will supervise the Student Researchers. This will involve the assignment and articulation of research questions with the Student Researchers, working with the Student Researchers in developing a structure and format for presenting research outputs, and providing feedback.

The tasks will be assigned on an ad hoc/needs basis, and Student Researchers can agree a timeline for the completion of tasks.

What they hope you’ll bring

Ideally, Student Researchers would have:

  • strong research and writing skills;
  • the ability to present comprehensive legal and other research in a structured manner;
  • an understanding of racial, social, and economic justice issues;
  • some familiarity with the concept of strategic litigation; and
  • familiarity with legal systems in Europe.

Systemic Justice roster

Are you a skilled community organiser, facilitator, visual artist, academic, project manager, legal professional, finance wizard, or something else you think Systemic Justice might benefit from? Please register to be part of Systemic Justice’s roster!

About the roster

As we continue to build Systemic Justice, they will be looking for new colleagues to join their team. All of their open positions are posted here, but you can register in roster in case you are interested in working with them but don’t see any open positions that match your profile.

The roster is open for individuals who are interested in:

  • Consultancy opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Future job openings