Wikimedia Foundation is hiring for a Senior Site Reliability Engineer

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Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Wikimedia Foundation is hiring a Senior Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) to join our Service Operations SRE team, where we take care of the infrastructure that runs and other Wikimedia Foundation projects.

The SRE team at Wikimedia is a distributed and diverse team of engineers with a drive to explore, experiment and embrace new technologies. The SRE Service Operations team focuses on the application layer of our complex infrastructure as well as our developer-facing services.

You will be responsible for

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of public facing infrastructure and services
  • Use of configuration management and deployment tools
  • Architectural design and operation at scale
  • Monitoring of systems and services, optimization of performance and resource utilization
  • Common operating system level tasks such as logging and backup / restore
  • Cookbook / runbook implementation for common maintenance actions
  • Incident response, diagnosis and follow-up on system outages or alerts
  • Automation and streamlining of tasks as well as identifying process gaps
  • Collaborating with a global and asynchronously communicating team (don’t worry if you have never worked remotely, we’ll help you get used to it)
  • Mentoring peers in your areas of technical and operational strength

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