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Get a mask, #ReclaimYourFace

Get a mask, stop Biometric Mass Surveillance

Did you know that wearing a mask can decrease the transmission of the virus, but can it trick all facial recognition technology?

It’s difficult to tell: this creepy tech is too advanced, too opaque, varied & constantly morphing.

AI technology like facial recognition can identify us based on our eyes, way of walking or the way we contract our facial muscles. The pan-European movement Reclaim Your Face brings people’s voices into the discussion around biometric data used to monitor the population and calls for a ban on biometric mass surveillance in Europe.

  • Get one mask to support #ReclaimYourFace’s collective efforts to create public spaces where everyone can express themselves freely and without fear.
  • Get two masks – one for yourself & one for an MEP – to help the #ReclaimYourFace campaign reach decision-makers and influence them to prioritise our freedom by banning biometric mass surveillance and preventing a dystopian future.

It’s more than a mask, it’s our futures and freedoms which depend on the activism and support of people like you!

          Find out about the story behind the masks here!

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