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European Digital Rights (EDRi) is the biggest European network defending rights and freedoms online. We promote, protect and uphold human rights and the rule of law in the digital environment, including the right to privacy, data protection, freedom of expression and information.

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Our team and network of digital rights activists and experts work tirelessly to protect your rights online

150,000 emails, 15,000 tweets and hundreds of phone calls Sent by supporters engaged by the campaign to act upload filters in the Copyright Directive.

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Our ground-breaking clauses Adopted by the European Commission upgrading data protection safeguards in trade agreements.

Building on GDPR success

The power of a civil society coalition Our network's diversity is our strength when it comes to proposing bold solutions to big problems, like the disproportionate power of online platforms.

Protecting digital rights in the DSA

EDRi in the Spotlight

Technology is the new border enforcer, and it discriminates EDRi’s research in Greece and conversations with people on the move revealed that certain places serve as testing grounds for new technologies, places where regulation is limited and where an “anything goes” frontier attitude informs the development and deployment of surveillance at the expense of humanity.


Activists urge EU to ban live facial recognition Digital rights advocates in five European countries launched a campaign to spotlight the increasing use of facial recognition and other biometric identification technology across the Continent, which they say will pave the way for mass surveillance on an unprecedented scale.


Surveillance Won’t Stop the Coronavirus This pandemic presents an opportunity to rethink the way we support refugee communities. Blanket technological solutions do not address the root causes of displacement, forced migration and economic inequality.


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