EDRi values all contributions received in line with its guidelines on ethical funding and relies on foundations grants, individual and corporate donations and membership fees to develop and fulfill its mission.

Corporate donors

According to EDRi fundraising policy, a maximum of 30% of EDRi’s yearly budget can be funded from corporate donations. A single corporate donation cannot exceed 7.5% of its total income of the previous year. Receiving funding from corporations or donors from the private sector does not imply endorsement of a donor’s policies and record. In 2023 our main corporate donors include:

Apple Duck Duck Go Kobler Mojeek Mozilla Ommm Ventures Proton Surfshark Tech Hive Advisory

Individual donations

We are grateful for all donations from people who support our work and the EDRi network

More ways to support

Membership fees are received from the members of EDRi network

Secure and diverse funding enables EDRi to maintain its independence, protect its reputation and to operate effectively. New grants and project funding should be compatible with EDRi’s values, strategy and priorities, according to the EDRi multi-annual strategy 2020-2024.

EDRi is a registered ‘AISBL’ in Brussels and complies with Belgian legislation. We work to continuously improve our financial management systems. We want to maintain an organic and sustainable growth according to growth plans agreed by members in response to the complexity of the challenges faced.

Please find our fundraising policy here and get in touch if you’d like to financially contribute to our work.