EDRi visions for digital futures

The future is ours to build. In 2024 and beyond, join us in shaping our digital spaces for people, democracy and the planet.

We’re on a mission to shape a better tomorrow. From safeguarding civil and human rights to envisioning a world where technology and digitalisation serve people, society and our planet, together we can make a change that matters.

Today, we face challenges like climate change, the market dominance of large tech corporations and draconian state surveillance practices. EDRi and its partners stand up for justice, equity, sustainability, and decolonisation. Together, we’ll protect human rights, strengthen democracy, and reshape societal systems.

Our visions are bold, and our goals ambitious.
With your support, they’re within reach.

2024 will see many elections throughout the world, but also European elections. We will soon have a new set of Members of the European Parliament and new decision-makers in the European Commission. It is crucial we get our message across to candidates and newly-elected politicians. Together, we’ll turn vision into reality. Our collective impact can influence the upcoming 2024 European elections and spread beyond.

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