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Resilient against the winds of change Discover how we defended digital rights and took our power back from Big Tech during a challenging year.

Looking back at 2021
People dancing on the street surveilled by a CCTV.

Mobilising during a pandemic The power of a united front helped enforce data protection in uncertain times and made the conversation about banning mass surveillance mainstream across Europe.

Reclaiming our faces

The power of a civil society coalition Our network’s efforts against the disproportionate power of online platforms shapes a more inclusive, interoperable and privacy oriented future.

Protecting digital rights in the DSA

EDRi in the news

Europe’s AI Act falls far short on protecting fundamental rights, civil society groups warn EDRi drafts a statement on the AI Act, alongside an extended network and a group of 115 not-for-profits from across Europe and beyond, encouraging a full ban on biometric mass surveillance.


We need more protection from government surveillance — not less “The Pegasus scandal proved, once again, how our right to communicate securely underpins the pillars of democracy, including press freedom, the presumption of innocence, privacy and freedom of expression and association.” Diego Naranjo, Head of Policy at EDRi, shines a light on the need of more protection of democracy and human rights from government surveillance.


A data ‘black hole’: Europol ordered to delete vast store of personal data “Europol’s capacity to hoover up huge amounts of data and accumulate it, in what could be called a big data ark, after which it is almost impossible to know what they are used for, makes it a black hole.” says Chloé Berthélémy, EDRi Policy Advisor.


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