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Katarína Bartovičová
Fundraising Manager
Katarina is responsible for developing relationships and raising funds from foundations, companies, individuals and other sources. Before joining EDRi, she had over a decade of nonprofit experience working with individual, institutional and corporate donors, primarily at Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe and at the Slovak Fundraising Centre.
(Languages: Slovakian, English)
E-Mail: katarina.bartovicova [at]
PGP: C10D 6D34 701F 15B0 AB08 A48D 66D7 C585 AAAB 8415
Andreea Belu
Campaigns and Communications Manager
Andreea helps coordinate the EDRi network’s efforts during key periods in our files’ legislative process, contributes to the organisation of events and participates in creating press releases. She is responsible for communicating EDRi’s work to supporters and potential partners. In the past, she was the Board Director of the Danish NGO Oi4P, interviewed for and worked in a PET Startup. She has a Master in Business and Philosophy from Copenhagen Business School.
(Languages: Romanian, English, Spanish, Danish)

E-Mail: andreea.belu [at]
PGP: 66B2 48F0 35D5 C203 6561 70EE 0297 F83C C819 D5BF
Julien Bencze
Senior Office Manager
(Languages: French, English, German)
E-Mail: julien.bencze [at]
PGP: AC5E 0016 07CB 5D6A CEDF E153 7663 3980 3013 A4F1
Claire Fernandez
Executive Director
Claire is in charge of EDRi’s leadership, mission and strategy, financial sustainability and oversight, and the daily management of the operations. Before joining EDRi, she worked as the Deputy Director of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), and prior to that as an independent human rights consultant, and as an adviser to the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, and represented the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Bosnia and Kosovo. She holds a Master degree in Human Rights from the Robert Schuman University in Strasbourg, France.
(Languages: French, English, Serbo-Croatian)

E-Mail: claire.fernandez [at]
PGP: 2766 CEA5 AC90 12E0 1482 1D69 176F 0C8A 4235 F73A
Maryant Fernández Pérez
Senior Policy Advisor
Maryant is a lawyer admitted to the Madrid Bar Association. She leads EDRi’s work on surveillance and law enforcement, freedom of expression and intermediary liability, net neutrality, digital trade, transparency, internet governance and international engagement. Maryant is the author of several publications and speaker at multiple conferences in Europe and around the world. Prior to joining EDRi in 2014, Maryant gained experience at the law firm CCA-ONTIER, Décathlon, the Spanish Ministry of Public Works, the European Law Moot Court Society and the CEU San Pablo University. Maryant received her education from the CEU San Pablo University, the Université Catholique de Lille, the Instituto de Empresa and the Universidade Católica Portuguesa. She holds an LLM in Law in a European and Global Context.
(Languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese)
E-Mail: maryant.fernandez-perez [at]
PGP: D59A 1D3F 50CC 231B DCFE 3F2C 92FA 6F29 3D74 0B42
Kirsten Fiedler
Managing Director
Kirsten oversees fundraising, finances, and community coordination as well as communications. After her European studies in the UK, France and Germany, Kirsten started blogging on digital rights issues and advocating for rights and freedoms. At EDRi, she is making sure that everyone in the team has what they need to do their work as effectively as possible – which is possibly why her colleagues say that “she’s such a hippie”. In her spare time, she writes for, contributes to Digitale Gesellschaft e. V. and tweets as @Kirst3nF(Languages: German, English, French)
E-Mail: kirsten.fiedler [at]
PGP: 58E1 8080 9287 6C8D 6923 BDE5 AB0E 5BD3 E941 86C0
Heini Järvinen
Senior Communications Manager
Heini is responsible for coordinating and developing EDRi’s external and internal communications. She is the editor of the biweekly EDRi-gram newsletter, edits blogposts and publications, co-manages EDRi’s press work and social media accounts, and handles layouts and visuals for print and digital publications. Additionally, she assists EDRi’s fundraising, community coordination, campaigning, administration and management staff in any other areas related to communications.
(Languages: Finnish, English, French)
E-Mail: heini.jarvinen [at]
PGP: C83A 64C5 218D 48D5 562F E789 6CCF 2741 4550 F80C
Diego Naranjo
Senior Policy Advisor
Diego is a lawyer with a human rights background. He advocates for the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms online in the fields of data protection, privacy and copyright and has dealt with the debates around GDPR, ePrivacy, data retention, PNR and the copyright Directive, among other files. In 2017 he was appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda to become part of their expert group on digital rights.
(Languages: Spanish, English, French)
E-Mail: diego.naranjo [at]
PGP: 9A62 189E DB31 1798 6A8E FD45 E320 B10D 3493 8C21
Guillermo Peris
Community Coordinator
Guillermo’s main goal is to facilitate the synergies among EDRi members and observers and making sure the different organisations that constitute EDRi work in the best possible conditions. He is also constantly looking for new organisations in order to recruit them to join the EDRi family. If you’d like to join us, he’s the one you should talk to. In his free time he loves drinking beer, reading whatever falls in his hands on science fiction or mythology and have heated conversations about politics (while drinking beer).
(Languages: Spanish, English, French)
E-Mail: guillermo.peris [at]
PGP: 5C5C 52B1 9CDA 55A4 03DF 1F90 F344 995F EC18 1FF5