Today, 4th June 2020, European Digital Rights (EDRi) submitted its response to the European Commission’s public consultation on artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, EDRi released its recommendations for a fundamental rights-based Artificial Intelligence Regulation.

AI is a growing concern for all who care about digital and human rights. AI systems have the ability to exacerbate mass surveillance and intrusion into our personal lives, reflect and reinforce some of the deepest societal inequalities, fundamentally alter the delivery of public and essential services, undermine data protection legislation, and disrupt the democratic process.

In Europe, we have already seen the negative impacts of automated systems at play at the border, in predictive policing systems which only increase over-policing of racialised communities, in ‘fraud detection’ systems which target poor, working class and migrant areas, and countless more examples. Read more in our explainer.

Therefore, EDRi calls for the European Commission to set clear red-lines for impermissible use, ensure democratic oversight, and include the strongest possible human rights protection.

We encourage all people, collectives and organisations to respond to the consultation and make sure these issues are addressed. Need help answering the consultation? Read EDRi’s answering guide for the public here.

Will you make your voice heard in a crucial moment for the future of our societies? Submit your own response to the consultation online here.

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