By Diego Naranjo

New devices are being developed and increasingly these technologies have the ability to connect to the internet and communicate between them. These devices, while making our life easier in many aspects, they also create new threats to your privacy. We are explaining in our series of blogposts on privacy the freedoms that are under threat.

European legislation protecting your personal data (the General Data Protection Regulation and Law Enforcement Directive on Data Protection) has been recently updated, but the battle to keep your information safe is not over yet. The European Union is revising its legislation on data protection, privacy and confidentiality of communications in the electronic communications environment: the e-Privacy Directive. This piece of  legislation contains specific rules related to your freedoms in the online environment.


This new battle for our freedoms starts once the European Commission will publish its proposal on the e-Privacy Directive on 11 Januar 2017. In this document pool we will be listing all the relevant documents as they are made public. This will allow you to follow the developments on the review of the Directive.

Basic Information on the ePrivacy Regulation file

  • Lead Committee in charge of the Report in the European Parliament:

Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE)


Key dates (mind that dates might change):

  • LIBE
    • Deadline for tabling amendments: 5.07.2017
    • Vote in LIBE of the Report: 11.10.2017
    • Adoption in Plenary: October 2017 (TBC)
  • IMCO
    • Deadline for tabling amendments: 28.06.2017
    • Vote in IMCO of the Opinion: 28.09.2017
  • JURI
    • Deadline for tabling amendments: 29.06.2017 (15.00h)
    • Vote in JURI of the Opinion: 28.09.2017
  • ITRE
    • Deadline for tabling amendments: 26.06.2017
    • Vote in ITRE of the Opinion: 25.09.2017


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