EDRi launches a campaign for online privacy for kids

By EDRi · September 1, 2015


Today, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a textbook to raise awareness among kids for the protection of their privacy online.

“We want to teach children what they need to consider to protect themselves online,” said Kirsten Fiedler, Managing Director of European Digital Rights. “The goal is to create material, translated into as many languages as possible, that can be used in schools, at home and elsewhere.”

The internet offers children tremendous opportunities to learn and to explore new ideas. However, younger internet users often possess insufficient knowledge of how their reputations can be affected by their interactions online. Sometimes it is not easy to tell who someone really is online, and there are many reasons for which businesses might try to get personal information about kids or their families. Parents and teachers cannot always be on hand, which is why it is important to empower kids to also protect their own online privacy.

The campaign will continue until 15 September, and if it reaches its target of 5000 euro, a textbook to explain how the internet works, with practical examples, exercises and sample lessons, will be published, translated, and distributed around Europe.

You can find the campaign here: