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By EDRi · February 28, 2023

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) need to hear from you. They are now discussing a law that will endanger everyone’s privacy and safety. The proposed law promises to protect children from sexual abuse by breaking encrypted, secure communications.

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But experts show that breaking encryption will turn the internet into a space that is dangerous for everyone’s privacy, security and free expression. This includes the very children that this legislation aims to protect.

The United Nations and UNICEF state, online privacy is vital for young people’s development and self-expression, and children should not be subjected to generalised surveillance.

The UK Royal College of Psychiatrists highlights that snooping is harmful for children, and that policies based in empowerment and education are more effective.

The CSA Regulation proposal would also harm whistleblowers, activists in political opposition, labour unions, people seeking abortions in places where it is criminalised, media freedom, marginalised groups and many others.

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Join over 124 NGOs to call on the European Parliament to oppose this law!

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Why should I care?

  • Your private chats will be scanned. You won’t able to share anything remotely intimate without the risk of your messages, photos and videos ending up in the hands of some governmental institution.
  • The technology is known to fail. And as a result, you may be accused of being a (child) sexual offender without having done anything wrong.
  • We can’t afford to get it wrong. We all agree: child sexual abuse is a horrendous act. As a society, we shouldn’t waste our effort to tackle this issue on actions that are proven to be ineffective and harmful.

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