EDRi Annual Report 2022: Challenges, success and changes in advancing digital rights in Europe

In our Annual Report, you can learn how EDRi built strong coalitions across civil society, mobilised hundreds of people, influenced key stakeholders at the European and national levels, leading to clear impact on European technology regulation in 2022. Read more.

By EDRi · November 11, 2023

In 2022, Europe experienced a geopolitical awakening with growing injustice and deeper social, economic, and climate crises. EDRi’s role as the European digital rights watchdog was all the more important in this context. There is much to celebrate! Find more in the Annual Report.

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EDRi fiercely advocated for robust legislation to regulate platform power. We influenced the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act to ensure people are at the centre, rather than platforms’ business interests. 

We also led civil society representation in the debate on the Artificial Intelligence Act, ensuring that the voice of marginalised groups is heard at the policymaking table. Thanks to the great work of the civil society coalition, European legislators have paid more attention to the need for limits to the most harmful uses of AI.

EDRi members have also mobilised against threats to the confidentiality of online communications arising from one of the most criticised laws – the Child Sexual Abuse Regulation (CSAR). The network has been at the forefront of voices denouncing the European Commission’s proposal to legalise a de facto generalised and indiscriminate scanning of the content of virtually all types of electronic communications of all users in the EU. 

In 2023, as the EDRi network celebrates its 20th anniversary, we turn our efforts to ensure these wins lead to an impact in people’s lives.

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