EDRi-gram, 06 March 2024

On 17 February, one of the landmark digital laws, the Digital Services Act, in the European Union came fully into force. Now, you've got a whole bunch of fantastic online rights at your fingertips. But don't worry, we've got your back! Our friends at Bits of Freedom have whipped up a shiny new website packed with easy-peasy actions to help you understand and flex those digital rights muscles like a pro. But wait, there's more! We're thrilled to introduce you to our new Head of Policy, Ella Jakubowska. Ella takes up this role from her previous EDRi position as Senior Policy Advisor, where she led advocacy on facial recognition, the confidentiality of online communications, age verification and more. She’ll be spending the coming months listening and learning, so please get in touch if you’d like to talk all things digital rights policy.

By EDRi · March 6, 2024



Save your Twitter Account

EDRi member, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Amid reports that X—the site formerly known as Twitter—is dropping in value, hindering how people use the site, and engaging in controversial account removals, it has never been more precarious to rely on the site as a historical record. So, it’s important for individuals to act now and save what they can. Act now.



Invisible no more: The impact of facial recognition on people with disabilities


As advances in artificial intelligence (AI) continue to reshape various aspects of society, the promise of technologies like facial recognition holds significant potential. As these advancements unfold, it becomes increasingly crucial to consider the broader implications and potential risks they pose, particularly for marginalised communities. Read more.



GPS tracking of migrants in the UK: Performative cruelty and dodgy tech

EDRi member, Privacy International

In this new episode of Technology Pill, EDRi member Privacy International talked with Mark Nelson, a car mechanic and father of five, who has been forced to wear a GPS tag by the Home Office for the past 20 months. They explored the legal case, the ways the tag hasn’t worked for long periods of time, and a dubious AI the Home Office has been using in decisions as to whether someone remains on a GPS tag. Watch the video.



A setback for gig workers’ rights in Europe

Tech wont’s save us podcast

In this episode, Paris Marx is joined by Ben Wray, coordinator of the Gig Economy Project and the author of Scotland after Britain to discuss why the European Union’s Platform Work Directive isn’t moving forward, what hope remains for gig workers’ rights in Europe, and what we should make of Uber’s first annual profit. Listen to the podcast.