EDRi-gram, 1 February 2023

In this first EDRigram edition of 2023, we want to take a look back at what we collectively achieved in 2022. Together, we mobilised people and organisations in key moments and continued to strengthen our network and to contribute to the design of a decolonising programme for the field. We are also exploring why the European Commission's blocking obligations for internet services providers in the context of addressing the spread of child sexual abuse material online are impossible. Stay tuned: Today, the European Parliament is voting on the regulation on the transparency and targeting of political advertising proposal which aims to tackle data-driven vote manipulation.

By EDRi · February 1, 2023



Reclaim your right to access information

Civil Liberties Union for Europe

When you can access information about how your government is performing, it helps combat corruption and enhances public participation in democracy. Find out more about what you can do. Watch now!


Who made who? Regulation of AI

EDRi member, Državljan D

EDRi members Chrysi Sakellari from Homo Digitalis and Ana Martinović from Share Foundation discussed about the need of a global AI regulatory framework and how should that look like. Listen now!


Join the Media market risk assessment project

Global Disinformation Index

The Global Disinformation Index is seeking in-country partners to collaborate with on the Media market risk assessment projects. Projects to-date have covered over 20 countries, and are planned to expand to another 20 over the course of 2023 and 2024. Register your organisation!


Access to European public digital infrastructure

EDRi affiliate, Open Future

Open Future talks about the need for a consolidated European approach to support Public Digital Infrastructures and build Digital Public Spaces. Read more.