EDRi-gram, 4 May 2022

In this edition of the EDRi-gram, we urge the European Parliament to vote down the expansion of Europol's powers to prevent the enabling of mass surveillance. We also explore what could go wrong when a billionaire decides to buy one of the largest social media platforms. Join us in celebrating the success of EDRi member Defesa dos Direitos Digitais who got the Portuguese Constitutional Court to declare the unconstitutionality of the Portuguese data retention law.

By EDRi · May 4, 2022



NSO Group: Civil society’s battle against government hacking

EDRi member Privacy International

As #CatalanGate surfaced, more eyes turned towards NSO Group – a tech firm that sells a hacking capability to governments around the world – which is the supplier of Pegasus, the spyware used in spying the phones of 65 politicians and activists from Catalonia. Listen to learn more about the #CatalanGate scandal.


ChatControl: what is it & why you should care

EDRi members Digitale Gessellschaft, Digitalcourage & CCC

The CSAM draft regulation might force us to witness the erosion of end-to-end encryption as we know it. Find out how that can happen from EDRi members Digitale Gessellschaft, Digitalcourage & CCC’s comprehensive video on the CSAM proposal. Watch it dubbed in English


Facebook Pixel Hunt

Mozilla Rally

In a collaboration between journalists at the Markup and Mozilla researchers, the Facebook Pixel Hunt is a study that seeks to map Facebook’s pixel tracking network and understand the kinds of information it collects on sites across the web. Learn more about the study.


What does building an intersectional feminist internet look like?

Nani Jansen Reventlow

“Should we keep “tweaking” and “fixing” the internet, or is it time to radically reimagine our societies and reevaluate how the internet can serve all of us? “ Enjoy Human Rights Lawyer Nani Reventlow’s talk at State of the Internet 2022: Operation Re-boot on the future of the cyberspace, read it here.