EDRi-gram, 8 June 2022

In this edition of the EDRi-gram, EDRi and over 70 civil society organisations and professional bodies urge the European Commission to withdraw the CSA Regulation and call for an alternative that is compatible with the European Union's fundamental rights. The European Commission needs to understand that playing with online privacy and security affects everyone, including the very children it is supposed to help. Join us in our efforts to protect encrypted communications, open internet spaces and online anonymity.

By EDRi · June 8, 2022



New tools of oppression? Here’s why Italy banned mass surveillance

Greens/EFA , Political group in the European Parliament

If we allow facial recognition systems in public spaces, then we allow for mass surveillance of every individual. Meet the activists that ended biometric mass surveillance in Italy and follow their journey around Milan and Lake Como to find out how they managed to protect the privacy of the people. Watch now.


Can EU’s new laws heal the internet?


The EU’s recent laws, the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, will affect how intermediaries influence user activity on their platforms, including people’s ability to exercise their rights and freedoms online. They also aim at limiting the abuse of power by very large and gatekeeper platforms. But can these laws give us the solution to the issues we face on the internet? Find out today in EDRi’s Twitter space.


#KeepItOn: The return of digital authoritarianism: internet shutdowns in 2021

EDRi member Access Now

In 2021, Access Now and the #KeepItOn coalition documented at least 182 internet shutdowns in 34 countries. Targeted shutdowns during protests, civil unrest, wars, and crises increased, setting a precedent for deepening digital authoritarianism in 2022. Cutting mobile access to stifle public dissent is an increasing global trend that significantly affects journalists and activists among others. Read their latest report and follow the campaign to stay updated here.


Collective complaint against the Technopolice

EDRi member La Quadrature du Net

Three years ago, EDRi member La Quadrature du Net (LQDN) started the Technopolice initiative to gather information about all technologies deployed by the police in our cities. Today, we have come to a point where the combination of these technologies creates a state of total surveillance in our streets. In order to stop this illegal mass surveillance, LQDN is launching a collective complaint against the French Ministry of the Interior. Join the collective complaint & make an impact.