Protests in France against the Edvige file on St. Edwige day

By EDRi · October 22, 2008

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

As previously announced in EDRi-gram, St. Edwige day in France was a day of
protests against the file project called Edvige, a file that would gather
information on any person, including minors, considered by the police as a
“suspect” capable of disrupting the public order.

On 16 October, on St. Edwige day, demonstrations against the introduction of
the Edvige file were organised in Paris, Agen, Bordeaux, Strasbourg,
Saint-Etienne, Lyon and other big cities in France by the “Non à Edvige”
group that included La Ligue des Droits de L’Hommes (The League of Human
Rights), FSU, CGT, CFDT, Aides and French EDRi-member IRIS.

The project had already been modified in September into the so called
EDVIRSP file. However, even the new version was considered unacceptable by
the opponents of the project especially because it involves gathering data
on minors who are considered by the police a public threat.

The “Non à Edvige” petition is asking for the cancellation of the entire
project. It remains to be seen if the demonstrations that took place on 16
October will find any echo with the French authorities.

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