Macedonia: Activities for citizen education about their privacy rights

By EDRi · September 23, 2009

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Deutsch: [Mazedonien: Veranstaltungen zur Weiterbildung der Bürger in Bezug auf ihre Rechte auf Privatsphäre |]

Macedonian: [Македонија: „Слобода наместо страв“: едукација на граѓаните за нивните права |]

Due to the low level of public awareness on privacy issues, the activities
of the international action “Freedom Not Fear” in Macedonia included efforts
for educating the citizens on 12 September 2009.

In order to provide opportunities for the citizens to get to know their
rights and ways to solve their privacy related problems, about fifty
volunteers from nine NGOs and the Directorate for Personal Data Protection
organized several knowledge sharing activities.

Around 3000 flyers in Macedonian and Albanian languages were disseminated
throughout the capital of Macedonia. They contain info about the basic
rights and links to websites which provide resources and tutorials about the
legal and technical tools available to the citizens who need to protect
their privacy from infringements from the state, companies and individuals.
The volonteers also disseminated the printed version of the Call to Action
from Berlin, translated into Macedonian.

On 12 September 2009, legal experts who work on the implementation of the
law on private data protection and the law on free access to public
information answered to citizens questions face to face, offering practical
advice and guidelines.

Several NGOs contributed for the organization of this event, including the
EDRi-member Metamorphosis Foundation.

Macedonia: Freedom Not Fear 2009 – Activities for Citizen Education about
Their Rights (12.09.2009)

(Thanks to EDRi-member Metamorphosis Foundation)