Big Brother Awards UK 2008

By EDRi · January 14, 2009

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

Big Brother Awards (BBA) are back in UK with more positive awards to
celebrate the people that have been involved in protecting privacy in the
past years.

The event, held in December 2008 at the London School of Economics, was
organized by the EDRi-member Privacy International and gave only one Big
Brother 2008 award – the statue of a boot stamping upon a human head – to
the New Labour.

Other six positive prices, called Roll of Honour, were received by:

– Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP – one of the Liberal Democrat Members of
the European Parliament, member of the Human Rights Committee;

– Phil Booth, the National Coordinator of the NO2ID Campaign against the
Database State;

– Helen Wallace, Executive Director of GeneWatch UK, that has provided
expert evidence on behalf of S. and Marper to the European Court of Human

– Gareth Crossman – retiring Director of Policy at Liberty Human Rights;

– Becky Hogge – retiring Executive Director of the Open Rights Group;

– Rt. Hon. David Davis MP, the former Conservative Shadow Home Affairs

UK Big Brother Awards – boos for NuLabour, hurrahs for Sarah Ludford, Phil
Booth, Helen Wallace, Gareth Crossman, Becky Hogge and David Davis

The Big Brother awards are back (12.12.2008)

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