No e-voting in Azerbaijan and Macedonia

By EDRi · January 14, 2009

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After the major problems with the e-voting system tested in Western Europe,
some Eastern European countries has expressed their reservation in
implementing such as system.

The Central Election Commission from Azerbaijan considered that e-voting is
not required in the 2009 referendum or in the 2009 local elections and 2010
parliamentary vote.

Even though Azerbaijan is part of the Council of Europe’s Electronic Voting
Committee that has recommended the introduction of Internet-based voting,
the Central Election Commission Secretary, Natiq Mammadov, explained online
newspaper Trend News that there is no chance to implement this for the next

“We must have a reason to apply innovation as opposed to simply wanting to.
We do not need e-voting to increase the voter turnout in Azerbaijan.”

He also claimed that “there is no need to make hasty decisions about

A similar decision was made in Macedonia in the beginning of 2009, the
leaders of the major parties deciding that no electronic voting will be
necessary for the next presidential elections and more time is needed
before the system can be set up. However, Macedonian politicians supported
to use such a system might be used in the next electoral cycles.

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