Open Access to High Energy Physics Literature

By EDRi · January 14, 2009

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An interesting alternative model for open access publishing for the High
Energy Physics journals has emerged in the past years in a project led by
CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) that attempts to make the
current research openly accessible in this field.

CERN was the leader since the 50s, when the first pre-print repository was
established at the headquarters of the European organisation. The
repository gathered working papers and reports submitted to CERN by authors
from institutions across the world.

Now, a new project, called SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access
Publishing in Particle Physics) is trying to come up with a new model for
the entire High Energy Physics (HEP) literature to open access. The model
might be easier to implement taking into consideration that basically just
six peer-reviewed journals publish the majority of HEP articles. In this new
model the publisher’s subscription income from multiple institutions would
be replaced by income from a single financial partner the SCOAP3 . Each
SCOAP partner will finance its contribution by cancelling journal
subscriptions and each country will contribute according to its share of HEP

SCOAP3 is a consortium composed of high-energy physics funding agencies,
high-energy physics laboratories and leading national and international
libraries and library consortia. In the beginning of 2009 SCOAP3 announced
that the major part of the European countries have agreed to participate, so
did 44 US partners, Turkey, Israel and Australia. In less than one year and
a half, SCOAP3 has received pledges for 49.5% of its budget.

Formal discussion with the publishers have not officially started, but all
major publishers show a pro-active attitude of great support to Open Access
in HEP.

Project Underway To Convert High Energy Physics Literature To Open Access

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