Irish ISP Association rejects the copyright industry threats

By EDRi · March 25, 2009

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After several weeks of silence in the the Eircom deal with IRMA (Irish
Recorded Music Association), the Irish ISP Association (ISPAI) has reacted
considering the legal threats as spurious and that there is no evidence of
wrong-doing by Internet Service Providers.

The Irish ISP scandal has started with the major Irish ISP Eircom agreement
to a “three strikes” approach, following the settlement of the court case
with IRMA. In terms of this agreement, the evidence of illegal downloads
will be provided by IRMA and Eircom will take action without a court
hearing. The agreement also means that Eircom is not to oppose any
application blocking file-sharing websites from their network.

IRMA tried to extend the agreement to other ISPs by sending them letters
threatening legal action from solicitors representing four major music
recording companies.

ISPAI, where Eircom is also a member, published a statement approved by “a
majority” of its members that claims that two years ago they initiated
meetings with the music representatives to explore these aspects, but the
matter was not followed up by the industry.

“The ISPAI and its members have never condoned the use of its members’
services for theft of copyrighted works of any kind, and continue to operate
within the existing legal framework which has provisions for taking action
where appropriate,” says the statement explaining that the present Irish
copyright law provides remedies and means of action for breaching copyright
through the courts and that “ISPAI members will continue to co-operate fully
within these existing legal parameters.”

ISPAI also supports the privacy of its users’ communications and underlines
its importance through this statement:
“Privacy of user communications is protected in European and Irish
legislation. ISPs can not be expected to ignore these merely because it does
not suit another private party. To do so would breach the privacy of our
users as well as having serious implications for the continued location of
international e-business in this country and the jobs these generate. ”

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