Creative Commons licences launched in Czech Republic

By EDRi · April 22, 2009

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The localized version of the Creative Commons licences was launched on 15
April in the Czech Republic, which has become the fifty-second jurisdiction
worldwide to offer localized Creative Commons licenses.

Following extensive consultation with local and international legal experts
and in close collaboration with Creative Commons International, Creative
Commons Czech ported the licenses and celebrated their launch at an
event during the Multiplace festival in Prague on 16 April 2009..

CC Czech has gathered a lot of supporters since its inception last year.
Besides the project institutional hosts, EDRi-member Iuridicum Remedium
(IuRe), the National Library in the Czech Republic and the Union of
Independent Authors, CC Czech has also received endorsement from the
Copyright Department of the Ministry of Culture and Faculty of Philosophy
and Arts, Charles University of Prague.

The team reports: “The joint forces of lawyers, librarians, musicians,
teachers, artists, geeks, journalists and other specialists delivered not
only what we were aiming for – the localized CC deeds and legal codes – but
also proof that the ideas behind CC echo in many areas both professional and
amateur. From archiving original Czech web content to educational
materials and works from independent music producers and performers, CC
opens up a wide spectrum of possibilities. There is no doubt the today’s
launch is only the beginning of the Czech Creative Commons story.”

Marek Tichy from IuRe commented: “Common people are more and more becoming
creative. Many of them write and post their works on the Internet. The
copyright has been rather constricting with this easy distribution of
creative works.”

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