EDRi supports a petition for Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group

By EDRi · April 22, 2009

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Deutsch: [EDRi unterstützt eine Petition für nichtkommerzielle Interessensgruppen | http://www.unwatched.org/node/1376]

On 15 April 2009 EDRi signed, together with other 50 organisations
representing the civil society from around the world, the Global Civil
Society Statement in support of Petition for a Non-Commercial Stakeholders
Group (NCSG) at ICANN.

The petition sent by the Non-Commercial User Constituency (NCUC) will
create an organizational structure that can accommodate the full breadth and
diversity of non-commercial interests concerned with domain name policy.
The NCSG petition encourages inclusiveness and cooperation among different
viewpoints, facilitates minority representation, fosters the generation of
new policy proposals, and establishes councilors and officers that are
representative of and serve the needs of the entire Stakeholder Group
membership. The NCSG petition also maintains a light-weight and adaptable
framework as is required for effective policy development at ICANN.

The statement forsees support for the proposed NCUC NCSG Charter and asks
the ICANN Board of Directors to encourage wider non-commercial civil society
participation in ICANN.

Global Civil Society Statement in Support of Petition for a Non-Commercial
Stakeholders Group at ICANN (15.04.2009)

NCUC petition for a Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG)

The Executive Summary of the NCUC petition