EDRi launches working group to improve digital rights advocacy across Europe

By EDRi · May 30, 2016

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a lot of great work and successes by digital rights organisations across Europe. We have used our expertise, creativity and network to make up for being low on resources and few in number. However, threats to human rights in the digital environment are persistent and growing.

That’s why a number of EDRi members have launched a working group looking at how our network functions. What’s going well, and where can we improve? Are the goals we’ve set in line with the needs of (future) member organisations and in tune with the European digital rights community?

We welcome the thoughts and insights of both members and non-members. We’ll use this blog to keep you updated on our progress, but we hope you will also take the liberty of e-mailing us with any questions, ideas or concerns you may have.

(Article written by Evelyn Austin, Bits of Freedom)