Reporters Sans Frontières follows on the Wikileaks footsteps

By EDRi · August 1, 2012

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Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF) is looking to take the Wikileaks path
and will start accepting the publication of censured documents in
October 2012 on a new dedicated platform.

Called “We Fight Censorship”, the RSF platform will distribute censored
documents received from journalists, bloggers or political dissidents in
order to offer a “digital shelter” for those who, by revealing such
documents, might be persecuted, condemned, imprisoned or even

“Thanks to a digital ultra-secured safe, the Internet
users will be able to provide the organisation, anonymously, with
documents affected by censorship or interdicted for publication” stated
RSF who also added that the documents will not be published as such but
put into context and the contents included will be verified to ensure
the accuracy and correctness of the shared information.

RSF already organised in 2010 an “anti-censure shelter” space for the
protection of political dissidents, journalists and bloggers threatened
by authorities, which allows them to surf and communicate rather safely
by using various ciphering and anonymization tools.

On 21 July 2012, the association organised a hackathon in order to test
the reliability of the platform and the security of the document
transmission system.

We fight censorship

RSF wants to fight censorship by publishing banned documents (only in
French, 25.07.2012)

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Hackathon “We fight censorship” on 21 July (20.07.2012),42964.html