Slovak Constitutional Court receives data retention complaint

By EDRi · October 10, 2012

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Deutsch: [Slowakei: Verfassungsklage gegen die Vorratsdatenspeicherung eingereicht |]

The group of Slovak MPs filed the complaint against the data retention
before the Slovak Constitutional Court on 9 October 2012.

They requested the Constitutional Court to rule on the local
implementation of the data retention and scrutinize its conformity with
the Slovak Constitution. The complaint also asks the Constitutional
Court, if necessary, to file the preliminary reference before the Court
of Justice of the European Union on the validity of the data retention

The complaint is being authored and prepared by the Slovak based
intellectual property and internet law research center, European
Information Society Institute (EISi), which pushed for this complaint in
the last two years.

“After the General Prosecution Office twice rejected our request to file
this complaint before the Slovak Constitutional Court, we had no other
option than to prepare the template submission before the Constitutional
Court ourselves and address the MPs. The liberal MP, Martin Poliačik,
took a lead and persuaded other MPs. After two years of our hard work,
we finally have the case before the Constitutional Court.” says Martin
Husovec, the lawyer of the EISi.

“I am convinced that we will soon see the result of our effort in the
form of the Constitutional Court ruling, which will cancel the objected
provisions and stop the retention of this sensitive data in Slovakia.”
says Ľubomír Lukič, the lawyer of the EISi.

Data Retention before the Slovak Constitutional Court (9.10.2012)

The template complaint before the Slovak Constitutional Court in case of
data retention (only in Slovak, 2.04.2012)

(Thanks to EISi – Slovak-based non-profit organization focusing on the
overlap of technology, law & information society)