EDRi member FoeBuD becomes digitalcourage

By EDRi · November 21, 2012

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Deutsch: [EDRi-Mitglied FoeBuD bekommt neuen Namen |]

EDRi member FoeBuD (Germany) has changed its name to “digitalcourage” on
17 November 2012, on the occasion of the organisation’s 25th anniversary.

The old name had been a quickly constructed satirical acronym – a parody
on the bureaucratic and cumbersome language used by the state’s
telecommunications authority, which was also the monopoly provider of
telecom services, at the time. As FoeBuD developed into a privacy and
digital rights organisation active on the national level and beyond, it
had become apparent for some time that the obscure name had turned from
an in-joke to an obstacle for the group’s publicity. Obviously,
digitalcourage will continue to mention its (much loved) old name to
maintain a link with its history.