Future of Copyright Contest 2013

By EDRi · July 3, 2013

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This year, the EDRi member Modern Poland Foundation is again asking
people all over the world about their vision of the future of copyright.
There are now 4 days to go before the end of the crowd founding campaign
and there are 4 weeks left before the deadline to submit the work for
the Future of Copyright Contest.

We all feel that it is something wrong with the copyright law and that
it doesn’t fit to global digital era. There are several competing
visions of good intellectual monopoly law and we want to encourage
people to dream about the future of copyright they really want for
themselves. So what should this future look like? Or what will happen if
we won’t change current trends? Maria Swietlik, coordinator of the
Contest asks calls on everyone to write, make a movie, sing or animate
in order to share their vision.

To take part in this competition one must publish new work on the
web until 1 August 2013. The prize is founded by the public so everyone
can contribute via Indiegogo website.

Every work will be evaluated by an exceptional jury: Beatriz Busaniche
(Via Libre Foundation), Shun-Ling Chen (copyright scholar), Mike
Linksvayer (Creative Commons), Jérémie Zimmermann (La Quadrature du
Net), Joe McNamee (Executive Director of EDRi) and Jaroslaw Lipszyc, the
president of Modern Poland Foundation, the contest organizer.

This is the second edition of this Contest. Last year, the Foundation
has raised more than 1 000 USD and several original vision of (a rather
dark) future of copyright. “Once upon a time in the wonderful Folklore
Valley, a creator wonders about the future of her memetic folktale
legacy and decides to take some distance from the anonymous creative
practices of her community. The creator is warned by a giant caption. It
reads: “Not Wanted”. Despite the warning, the creator leaves her
community and starts to sign her work as a mean to legitimise her
individual contribution to the folktale scene. On her way to authorship,
she encounters the Lawyer and the Publisher…” the story starts. If you
are interested what happened next or want to read about the future when
you can’t paint even if your therapist recommends you to do it, you
should read last year’s Future of Copyright Contest best works.

Future of Copyright Contest 2012

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(Thanks to EDRi member Modern Poland Foundation)