Big Brother Awards 2013 Bulgaria

By EDRi · February 13, 2013

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EDRi member ISOC Bulgaria and the Access to Information Program organized the Big Brother Awards for 2012. This year the “winners” are the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria – for lack of action in changing the way special investigative resources (wiretapping) is being used with regards to data traffic, which should ensure high protection of privacy.

For private companies, the “winner” is Toplofikatsia (Central Heating) for collecting and processing private data of its customers.

The BBA awards have been given in Bulgaria since 2003, and usually the worst governmental institution to deal with privacy is either the Council of Ministers, or the Ministry of Interior. Among private company winners have been also mobile operators, advertising companies and power distributing companies.

Details about the Bulgarian Big Brother Awards 2013 (only in Bulgarian, 28.01.2013)

(Contribution by Veni Markovski – EDRi member ISOC Bulgaria)