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By EDRi · April 10, 2013

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Deutsch: [Materialien zur Datenschutz-Kampagne |]

There are countless half-truths and misconceptions spreading about the
proposed data protection reform. EDRi has therefore decided to produce a
broad range of materials about the most worrying problems.

The mythbusting series seeks to correct the many myths surrounding this
legislative reform. The #eudatap series looks at the lobbying efforts by
the industry and at the reasons why we need stronger data protection
rules in the digital age. The « I don’t care » papers ironically provide
those who don’t care about data protection with handy examples of the
kinds of activity they don’t care about.

All documents are published under a CC-BY licence. Feel free to
translate into your language, to distribute and, most importantly,
explain these issues to your Parliamentarians. You can also find them on

Myth-busting, issue 01

Myth-busting, issue 02

EUDataP series, issue 1: Privacy? Why care?

EUDataP series, issue 2 EU: The global standard setter for privacy and data protection

EUDataP series, issue 3: Industry lobbying & astroturfing against the data protection reform

I don’t care about data protection and privacy, issue 01

I don’t care about data protection and privacy, issue 02

Your Privacy is in Danger

Quick guide to the key issues of the data protection regulation

Booklet: An introduction to data protection