Greek justice to rule on blocking sites by ISPs

By EDRi · May 8, 2013

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AEPI, the Greek Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property, has
filed an action in court to have several major torrent sites, among
which KickAssTorrents, isoHunt, 1337x and H33T, blocked by ISPs,
according to a report from Torrentfreak.

The Greek anti-piracy group AEPI has first filed a temporary injunction
against several ISPs (including OTE, Wind, Vodafone, Forthnet, Hellas
Online, On Telecoms and the academic GRNET) to force them to block the
respective sites by IP and DNS. According to TorrentFreak sources, The
Pirate Bay will also be targeted by AEPI.

AEPI’s request was heard on 30 April by the Athens Court. AEPI asked for
an immediate interim injunction to stop the sites from infringing the
copyrights of their members. The ISPs replied that as the respective
sites had been operating for years, there was hardly a case of urgency.

On 2 May 2013, the preliminary injunction demanded by AEPI was rejected
by the court which considered there was no character of urgency of the
matter. However, the substance of the case is yet to be ruled on, with
the next hearing to take place on 21 August 2013.

“It should be noted that this is the first time a case of this magnitude
and importance has appeared before a (local) court, even for temporary
measures. The option to block access to sites raises serious questions
on the issue of the protection of Net Neutrality.” stated Greek news
outlet ADSLGR for TorrentFreak.

Anti-Piracy Group Demands Blocks of KickAss, isoHunt, 1337x and H33T

Court Papers (only in Greek)

Rejected the application for a temporary injunction AEPI against
providers (only in Greek, 2.05.2013)